Baby Sharks

Welcome to The Baby Sharks official website


Baby Sharks are a gang made up of some of the strongest low-to-moderate spending players in the CATS world. This is a gang with origins that began in another Zepto game, King of Thieves. The group is run with the long-term in mind. We don’t seek mercenaries, we seek family members. Players that are passionate about the game, committed to high achievement, and fun to chat with.

That vision has led to some impressive achievements, including 4th place in Meowscow after a 7th place finish in Meow York.

Commitment to the gang isn’t enforced with quotas and threats. Players willingly make themselves available whenever possible while still maintaining a real life. We all contribute trophies to regularly achieve Gang Box 7.

Baby Sharks are players of high integrity and character, who work hard and party hard. They contribute to the CATS community at large. This reputation allows us to occasionally negotiate terms with our City Kings opponents since they can trust that we will abide by our agreements.

Shark’s Achievements

We use Telegram for our primary chat and Discord for resources and connecting with the broader CATS community. If you’d like to connect with some of the most hardcore players in the game or perhaps even join them, feel free to stop by our Discord server below or contact us on Telegram.