• What does high activity really mean

It means making yourself available to respond to requests for assistance. It means communicating your availability. It means placing your cars in CK as soon as possible.

It does not mean you can’t have a successful and committed job. It does not mean you have to skip classes at school. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore your wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, or friends.

  • How good do my cars need to be?

This is a bit of a moving target. Since everyone’s cars are getting better it’s difficult to pin down an exact requirement. A number of our members are ranked so you can check out a sample of our current cars there. We definitely don’t care about your prestige. We know it doesn’t necessarily reflect your car strength.

We also care about the rate at which you’re improving your cars. Super active players tend to leap-frog others quickly in car strength.

  • What does being cool in chat mean?

Our members chat is one of the most vibrate communities in the CATS world. In addition to world class tools to help us manage our battles, our conversations include in-game strategies, advice on builds or tactics, and analysis of game changes. We also make each other laugh, A LOT. But perhaps most important, is the celebration of both small and big accomplishments, either in-game or in-life. Our members are family and we support one another accordingly.