Prestige Guide

This is a resource for our friends to use to advance in CATS more quickly. If you’d like stronger Ultimate League vehicles, then regularly Prestiging is the best way to earn parts (24 parts per Prestige!). Early in the game you’re at a disadvantage until you’ve earned enough Cat Paws to get automatic bonuses on Bets, Parts, and Coins. By P15 you should be able to prestige once every 2 weeks without spending gems. If you spend a modest amount of gems, you can easily achieve one prestige per week.


🔘 Upgrading Parts 🔘

Having maxed out parts (especially bodies & weapons) is critical to instant in the Championship. The order of fusing parts makes a big difference on progress. Parts with a bonus take the base upgraded amount and multiply it by 100%+Bonus%. So a 5 Star Military part with 40% bonus can actually fully upgrade a 2 Star gold part. Without using bonuses you’re wasting resources.


🔘 Crowning Boxes 🔘

Having 3 crowns on your boxes as you open them will add one part level to 3 of the parts you receive. It doesn’t seem like a lot but can make a huge difference when trying to instant. Since crowning boxes is tedious, there are two tricks to make it easier.

The first technique is old, but requires a slight modification with a recent game update. Save a wooden body with a weapon slot in the far front and add a minigun with 3,000+ damage. Make sure you have no bodies in your other build slots or other wooden bodies with no parts added. Then start quick fights. Approximately 40-50% of your matchups will be against opponents with a similar Damage/Health ratio. However yours will hit first because of the minigun and weapon position (See video below). This approach typically requires you to acquire a 2 star military mini-gun because of the 3,000 damage.

The second technique uses the same game principle (40-50% of quick fight opponents have auto-generated health/damage based on your AVERAGE build stats). Put your strongest build in position 1, then two empty wooden bodies in the other positions. Activate an empty wooden body and start your quick fight. Skip opponents until you hit one that has the same prestige as you and no gang tag. This opponent should have average stats lower than your primary vehicle. Switch to your primary and defeat.


🔘 Selling Parts 🔘

This seems pretty obvious right? Sell Diamond bodies, drills, and over-sized tires. Sell extras of parts that are too weak to be useful. Sell stickers. Sell damage and health toolboxes too weak to help. That is definitely the easy part.

And just to follow up on fusing above, be sure to keep parts with % bonuses. They are needed for fusing. See above.

One key thing to keep in mind. Don’t sell too fast! There’s a bug in the game that doesn’t add your coins from sales if you’re doing it to fast. Slow and steady!


🔘 Before you Instant 🔘

Generally you want to instant as quickly as possible. You never know if your opponents will upgrade and suddenly block your progress. That said there is some housekeeping to try to do before you instant.

As I’ll discuss later, you can often chain instants together back-to-back. Therefore, you both want to help that process along and ensure you don’t waste resources.

Make sure you’ve used up all of your UL tickets. Yes all of them. You often get more from the reward box from your instant. Burning tickets is very bad in the Ultimate Economy where Purple Cash has become rarer than parts.

Beat 9 of 10 Gang Fights. Ensure your 10th opponent will be beatable with resets. This way the difficulty of your opponent doesn’t change with your instant binge.

Prepare a few Parts with Bonuses for fusing. You might get a better body or weapon as a reward that you’ll want to get into action quickly to instant again.

In low stages you may also try to crown your boxes. Your opponents can get harder to beat and if you don’t yet have a strong enough mini-gun, you may find this process harder at the next stage.


🔘 Baby Sharks tips for Prestiging 🔘

Prestiging brings 24 UL parts per prestige, so it’s worth doing as much as you possibly can. This will help your players build up their UL cars so they are stronger for City Kings fights.

  1. immediately bet all lifters and repulses to find which ones are mini-gun or Double Rocket. Upgrade those to 60%. Same with all small wheels. Obviously, if you get ones that already start at 30% or 40%, that’s your better option to upgrade.
  2. If you run into a camper, just keep upgrading. You can usually prestige twice as soon as you get past them or stage up. Also, you can frequently beat OP cars with lifters, classics, or shotguns.
  3. once your full upgraded car advances beyond it’s capabilities, do gang fights or open boxes (with three crowns) to get a new car that’s at your current level. Two options here: Merge your old level 26 car with your new one to get it upgraded. Same with weapons. OR, save them and use them for easy quick fights.
  4. If you are having no success with previous tips—once you get to the middle of metal, military, or gold—buy the 150 gem giant box. This will usually carry you about 5 stages. If you need weapons, buy at the 3 star level. If you need a body, buy at 4 or 5 star.
  5. For a cheap upgrade, you can upgrade a legendary part to level 13 and it will take a non-legendary part to 26 when merged. Also, merging super parts is the fastest way to get a part upgraded.
  6. If you are having trouble, bring it to chat. We may be able to help you build something that you’ll have more success with. But we can’t help you if you don’t utilize us as a resource. We are here to help you succeed.
  7. Try to save power boxes for carbon as you will need them. Doing gang fights is a good way to build a supply of these. Lower level power boxes are cheaper to add on, so save as many of those as you can.
  8. Before you prestige, 3 crown 4 boxes to help you get a strong start.